Really tasty: salmon with a bittersweet blueberry sauce

Salmon with a honeydew blueberry sauce #recipe #gourmetguerilla What's up tonight, sweetheart? Salmon with blueberry sauce. What, nonsense with sauce? Nah ... fish. With berry sauce. Oh ... so. The man still gets scared regularly when fruit is to play in main meals. I can see that on this small cloud, which has been sitting on its forehead hours before. Cloudy forehead due to berry fruits in the food. Therefore, it is also advisable to first serve the sauce separately from the fish. For the harmonic evening following - we get on with each other.

Tollerweise the fruit in the warm food still records a very high hit rate. Everything started with the orange and carrot soup. And today even the blueberry sauce on the crispy fried salmon was very pleasing. Because the bitter sweet combination just fits together great. Really and in real. The man points out that anyone who likes to eat salmon with graved sauce, must try this warm blueberry endings. "Really tasty" he said literally and is now a fan.

Salmon with tart red blueberry sauce #recipe #gourmet guerrilla

Although the blueberry sauce sounds quite extravagant with salmon, it is surprisingly down to earth with a hint of sweetness and a hint of nuance. These are best served with plain golden yellow potatoes.

Salmon salmon with acrid blueberry sauce #recipe #gourmet guerrilla Sauce is mashed for a particularly silky finish and then stroked through a fine sieve. If you like, keep a few blueberries for the decoration of the plate.

Salmon with a bittersweet blueberry sauce #recipe #gourmetguerilla

 Salmon with a honeydew blueberry sauce #recipe #gourmetguerilla

Here comes the recipe for 4 people:

250 g of blueberries with 100 ml of dry red wine , 1/2 Add freshly grated organic lemon zest , 1-2 teaspoon lemon juice , 50 g sugar and 1 pinch of salt into a small pan , Peel 2 cm of fresh ginger , finely chop and place in the pan as well. Bring to a boil over low heat and simmer with occasional stirring until the blueberries have disintegrated (about 5-10 minutes). Let the sauce cool down and then mix it very finely in a blender or with a blender. Rinse the pan. Peel the blueberries back into the pan through a fine sieve to remove all seeds and hard minerals (this will take 2 minutes more work, but will bring a very velvety saute). Reheat the sauce, put in 1 tbsp butter and keep warm.

Heat a pan and add a little more olive oil than usual. Fry 4 salmon fillets, each 125 g (with or without skin), on each side for about 4 minutes. The salmon should have a brown crust on the outside but be moist and pink on the inside.

Place the salmon on plates, cover with 1-2 tablespoons of the sauce and sauté with strong coarse pepper and salt flakes.

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