About R&D Cafe and reviews




I live a few blocks away from this place. It’s my go-to for pho. Small, family-owned business. Owners will remember you even after only a few visits. Even just a regular portion of pho is filling. Pricing is good for the amount you get. Yummy...



The dishes are delicious and the service is friendly, reasonable prices. I recommend the green papaya salad. The garlic noodle dishes are excellent and filling.


Janet N

R & D café is our go-to spot for pho near San Leandro. It's the best I've tried in the bay area so far (haven't been to too many spots) and the staff is super friendly. If you have a little one they can provide...



Came for a mid week dinner. They were not busy; only one other table had customers. A few take-outs cam in and one dine-in came in during our visit. The waitress told us to sit wherever and once we did so brought over some menu's...


Rickey B

Great tasty food at a very reasonable price.The staff is wonderful!Best tasting Vietnamese food I've tasted.



R&D is my aunt & uncle's Lunch Spot of choice, and I have no complaints about joining them. The menu is extensive and the food excellent. Service is prompt and, being with regulars, actually familiar. Unless you are super hungry, order a small rather than...



I have eaten here twice. The first time, at six on a Friday evening, there were people waiting for tables after we had sat down at the next to last empty one. The second time, at five on a Thursday evening, there were only two...



I totally love this place. The food is always good and the people who work there are so nice. It's mostly local folks but when I come in by myself, I always feel welcome. Don't miss the wonderful Pho, sandwiches, drinks, etc.!!


Jason S

Did you like my pun? Anyway I wasn't sure what to eat so I told the girl "give me what the white people eat." I got a number 10 or 11. Beef noodle soup. Bro. Hella good.



We love this place food is always wonderful. Fresh, and the staff is great. Great pho garlic noodles sandwiches and shrimp rolls